PhotoModeler Scanner provides the tools for you to create accurate, high quality 3D models and measurements from photographs. The process is called photo-based 3d scanning. PhotoModeler Scanner is a 3d scanner that provides results similar to a 3d laser scanner. This 3d scanning process produces a dense point cloud from photographs of textured surfaces of virtually any size.

PhotoModeler 2010 is Available Now!

PhotoModeler 2010 and PhotoModeler Scanner 2010 were released Oct. 28th, 2010 and the changes are impressive!


Get your upgrade or full version from your reseller, or if you are in North America or the UK from the online store.


Summary of What's New

  • Amazing speed increases with a combination of rewritten algorithms and multi-core support
  • SmartMatch (PM Scanner) for rapid and automated setup of many scenes without coded targets
  • Geographic coordinate system support
  • Project Review Assistant
  • New multi-sheet calibration method
  • On-photo dimensions
  • External Geometry Explorer pane to consolidate all external information
  • Check distances, and check points
  • Multi-point affine transforms
  • Improved meshing capabilities in PM Scanner
  • Mouse-over information windows
  • and much more

Architecture and Preservation

PhotoModeler Scanner is useful for obtaining scans of facades, esp. those with complex shapes and natural textures (as in older structures). Details can also be captured in stone and brick walls.