At CES 2014 in Las Vegas company XYZprinting, announced their plans to start selling a 3D printer called the Da Vinci later this year for $499 - one of the cheapest 3D printers to hit the market.

“Da Vinci is the ultimate 3D printer for consumers and entrepreneurs because it's easier and safer to use than anything else out there,” said Simon Shen, the chairman of XYZprinting, Inc. in a press release. “With da Vinci we are moving 3D printing to the mainstream market by satisfying a need in the consumer and SMB segment for a 3D printer that delivers on affordability and usability.”

New cheap printer from XYZprinting, Inc. offers opt for 12 different colours for filament, and the cartridges are easily refillable by average users. Also user can grab 3D models to print from an open-source cloud database.

“With 3D printing, you just get a design from the Internet, press the button and print at home,” said Gary Shu, XYZprinting's market development division senior manager. He added, that the Da Vinci 3D printer can quickly create objects that users may need in their homes, such as a plastic cup or a plastic spoon.