Autodesk presents 3December® - Autodesk's annual worldwide celebration of 3D computer graphics and the artists who create them. On its 12th anniversary, 3December aims to unite thousands of artists at live venues and through 3December Online. Join Montreal's elite artist community to celebrate Autodesk 3ds Max's 20th anniversary.


  • See top industry talent
  • Learn from the pros
  • Network with other professionals

Three ways to celebrate 3December:

1Join us virtually on AREAfor 3December Online, Dec. 1-10, 2010

  • Watch a live streaming of the Montreal event on Dec. 2, 6 - 8 pm EST
  • Access free MasterClasses
  • Vote for this year’s Autodesk Masters
  • Check out the Autodesk®3ds Max® software 20th anniversary retrospective
  • Get valuable tutorials, videos and much more!

2Come to the live event in Montreal on Thursday, December 2, 2010:

Join us in Montreal for drinks and nibbles as we celebrate 3D!

  • Learn from the pros: Eidos Montreal to present Deus Ex: Human Revolution and their use of Autodesk® Maya® and Autodesk® MotionBuilder® software
  • Show and Tell by Strob on Iron Baby and other projects created with 3ds Max
  • Exclusive Announcement - Montreal's elite 3ds Max users join forces to celebrate 3ds Max's 20th Anniversary. Join us at the 2010 Montreal 3December event for an exclusive announcement dedicated to all the die-hard 3ds Max fans. Time to get 3ds max'd out!
  • Meet and network with your peers

Don’t miss the exclusive Electronic Theatre 2010 presented by the Montreal ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter.

Nearly 30 animations, from the dramatic to the amusing, will amaze you with their content, their level of technical skills and their ground-breaking artistic vision.

3Celebrate with local User Groups or Partners